JoAnne Fleming-Valin,


“I'm the Mother of two grown daughters; children are the reason I must speak out about these serious issues. I am deeply concerned about the quality of the world they will inherit from me, and all of us. That’s why I do what I do.”

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JoAnne Fleming BA LAT

JoAnne is a spokesperson for thoughtful, positive change. Growing up on a farm she absorbed her fathers’ deep respect for nature’s systems. She benefited from the support of a strong rural community. She is deeply concerned about the state of the world our children will inherit from us and has been involved with environmental issues and organizations for many years. She was invited to moderate a workshop on Weather Modification at the 2007 United Nations Climate Change conference.


JoAnne has taught Environmental Concerns, Pollution Economics and Environmental Horticulture at community colleges. While leading public tours at the Ontario Forest Research Institute, JoAnne showcased forest research programs. She established her own business as a Landscape Architect in Northern Ontario, and is a passionate speaker about environmental issues to business and community groups. For many years she has worked with environmental organizations in many roles.  Interviewed on radio and television, she presents seasonal and current environmental themes.


JoAnne is a graduate of Ryerson University (Landscape Architectural Technology) Queen’s University (Sociology), London Teachers College and many environmental courses and workshops.